"Be YOU"
Susanne, Co-Founder
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Wise Women ICT

Do you want to:

Feel Healthier, Happier, Stronger & More Secure?


Join our Wise Minded Life's four part series symposia, designed to walk you through a journey of enlightenment, empowerment & well being. 


Share collectively with others in your very own community.

Would you like more of?

Begin your day with personal grounding routine for YOU?

Practices of spirituality

Learning to give yourself personal "ME" time?

Understanding how to move through frustrating patterns? 

Inspiration and motivation?

Community with like-minded people?

Feelings of Connection?

Accomplishing goals or desires?

Our program consists of dynamic local speakers, enlightening topics and guidance on healthy lifestyle, practicing mindfulness, meditation practices, Wise Minded Life Path mapping, communication and business to help YOU cultivate and take with you tools for transforming to well being; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Philosophy is built upon these key principles:

Supporting Each Other

Sharing Wisdom

Creating Enriching, Safe Environments

Advocating Voice

Sharing Journeys

Empowering Each Other

Join people from your community to share, live, and become your best YOU!  

YOU deserve this!


Possible summer events with girls on the run, wichita


 Change OUR Community, to Change the World


Thank you to our panel of professionals who invest their time in Wise Women ICT! 






Echo Wentz, LPCP
Teri Devlin Maddox, Spark Coaching
Terr Sot Healing Arts
Ellen Awe
Dr. Patrick Garrett
Sherilyn Dalke, LPCP
Taunya Renee Rutenbeck
Cierra Kemp, LPN
Dr. Jim Maddox
Wise Women ICT

Michelle Crist

Saturday’s event was wonderful!! The speakers were so open and shared information I am still thinking about. I have personal changes in my life that this event truly helped me have a clearer picture of how to proceed. The blessing on top of the speakers was being in a room full of vivacious and amazing people. I look forward to friendships growing after meeting at this event and plan to attend more events in the future.

Wise Women ICT

Cierra Kemp

“I appreciated the accepting energy at the event. Melanie Samo’s story is still dwelling within me. So beautiful and real, and I am so grateful she shared her experiences with us... the event was very moving because people let their guards down and let others know a sacred space within them which was very brave.” 

Wise Women IT

Mindy Harris

“I wish every women in Wichita would get to hear the intent of Wise Women ICT and get to experience something so moving and healing. We pour into others as mothers, partners, educators, friends, employees, encouragers, etc. that we tend to lose sight of nurturing ourselves to the root of the root.I left feeling empowered and equipped to implement strategies and change toward a healthier version of myself."

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Wise  Women ICT uses video and photo equipment during events.  By attending events, you agree to use of your photo or videos taken at the events by Wise Women ICT.

Wise Women ICT presentations, forums, media and Sponsor content are provided for general educational purposes and may not be construed as formal medical or professional psychological advice. Program attendees should always consult with their personal physician, mental health professional or other providers for appropriate diagnoses and treatment advice.  Wise Women ICT or anyone affiliated are not responsible for outcomes of the events or misconstrued information.

Sherilyn Dalke, LPCP