Wichita Ks

January 19th 2019

Healthy YOU



Wichita Ks

March 2nd 2019 

Happy YOU



Wichita Ks

April 27th 2019 

Strong YOU



Wichita Ks

June 15th 2019

Secure YOU

Wise Women ICT

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~  Optic-Life, Event Host

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Wise Women ICT is a proud member of the wichita community.



Wise  Women ICT uses video and photo equipment during events.  By attending events, you agree to use of your photo or videos taken at the events by Wise Women ICT.

Wise Women ICT presentations, forums, media and Sponsor content are provided for general educational purposes and may not be construed as formal medical or professional psychological advice. Program attendees should always consult with their personal physician, mental health professional or other providers for appropriate diagnoses and treatment advice.  Wise Women ICT or anyone affiliated are not responsible for outcomes of the events or misconstrued information.